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Defenders of Derry LOL763
Our History


Defenders of Derry have a very proud history and to our history we owe so much.


                                          Centenery 1904 -2004


After a great deal of debate and help from LOL historians we can conclude that the Lodge was originally formed in 1904 the warrant being issued to a Bro George Cochrane of LOL695. The Lodge is part of No 1 District Liverpool South, although No 1 District is in the North End of Liverpool. The south refers to the time when No 1 District paraded in the Warwick Street and Northumberland Street areas of Liverpool known as the 'south end' of the City, now part of the No 7 District. Records show the Lodge meeting in the Village Hall Village St in 1905 under sectretary  Bro John H Green. Lodges within the District were LOL35 74 94 119 182 265 695 760 and 763. LLOL 20 39 41 66 86 and JLOL17 32 28. Only a few still survive. 

The Lodge remained strong even during both World Wars and as our nearly complete and comprehensive records from 1905 show, one member Brother W Stirrup the entry shows 'killed in France 1915', another Brother J Speakman 'killed in action' along with many other Bretheren.

Defenders Drum and Fife Band which preceeded the Lodge was formed in 1904 and having 32 members recorded on the books. The band kept parading until the mid 1980's when unfortunately it went out of existance having played all the tunes to music sheets, including the side drummers at one time many of the members who walked proudly in our band still appear on the books today, some being members of other bands within the district. several photographs of the band over many years are at present being converted so I can add them to this site, please be patient
Having accurate records still, to this day, either brings back memories good and bad, or stirrs good debate within open Lodge. It is apparent though that over the years the Lodge is  a very family orientated body, with in some cases up to twelve members of one family being on our books.

We will add to this brief history of the Lodge as we update this site having members of many years service to mention one of 54 years unbroken service - Bro Wickam and Bro  Lee HDGM.