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Liverpool Provincial Grand Orange Lodge

Welcome to our website


Welcome to the Provincial Website, the Officers of the Province would like to thank all our members and visitors for a successful (and tiring) twelfth week. We hope everyone enjoyed themselves.

This years Twelfth parades (2018) LINK (credit 'Willo-1647')


Let men say what they will, or pick holes where they may, they will never succeed in disproving these facts. To the Reformation, Englishmen owe an English Bible, and liberty for every man to read it. To the Reformation, they owe the knowledge of the way of peace with God, and of the right of every sinner to go straight to Christ by faith,


The Officers and Members of the Liverpool Provincial Grand Orange Lodge, would like to welcome all to this site. We wish all members current and prospective a successful 2018, and enjoyable Marching Season

without bishop, priest, or minister standing in his way. To the Reformation, they owe a Scriptural standard of morality and holiness such as our ancestors never dreamed of. Bishop J. C. Ryle (1816-1900), Five English Reformers

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