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Liverpool Province Loyal Orange Lodge

Senior Officers

In addition to the office of Province members of Liverpool Provincial Grand Lodge also hold office in the World Council
Worthy Imperial Grand Master of the World - Bro WR Bather HDGM
Worthy Imperial Grand Treasurer of the World - Bro G Crone HDGM
Worthy Imperial Grand Auditor of the World - Bro S Kingston HDGM



Most Worshipful Grand Master Of England Bro. W.R Bather HDGM

I believe that the information contained within these pages will enable individuals to draw their own conclusions about the merits of the Orange Order in Liverpool. As an individual organisation that runs on its own efforts we have something others strive for - a pride in our principles and beliefs and are not afraid to stand up and be counted when taken to task, we can stand and be ridiculed and it does not effect us - attributes that have maintained our presence for two centuries and for a long time to come. As we continue, as an organisation, we go forward in strength, both in the courage of our convictions and the knowledge that the membership is strong in heart and in faith.

Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master Bro Steve Kingston HDGM.

It is my pleasure, to welcome you to The Liverpool Provincial Grand Lodge Website.
I hope you will find it both interesting and informative.
Orange Lodges have operated in the City of Liverpool, since the early 1800’s, and in 2019 we will be celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the first ‘12th July’ parade through the streets of our great city. During the past two centuries both the city and society have changed beyond all recognition. Our Institution has had to develop to reflect the changes that have taken place, particularly as most traditionally strong ‘Orange’ areas’ have been broken up, and the population dispersed to all areas within the city and beyond.
However, despite the challenges we have faced the Institution remains firmly committed to all we hold dear; our core beliefs, of Civil and Religious Liberty for ALL, allegiance to our Protestant Monarch and country, and a firm reliance in the truths of the Holy Bible.
We remain confident that our cause is a worthy one, and we will continue to stand for all we believe in, safe in the knowledge that we stand, on strong Protestant foundations.

Right Worshipful Grand Mistress of England. Sister Gillian Rimmer

Orangeism has existed in Liverpool for over 200 years and for the last century the Orange Institution in England has centred in Liverpool. The present Grand Mistress is the first not to be a member of Liverpool Province, being instead a member of Manchester Province. Lodges are active holding events and socials throughout the year. The Ladies also do a great deal of work raising money for charity. Orangewomen work to promote the Christian and reformed faith and aim to uphold our rich Orange heritage.